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2022 Winter Newsletter


2023 Winter Newsletter

May 2, 2023, Dryden Community School Bond Proposal

Attention Residents that live in the Dryden Community School District:

Election will be held on Tuesday, May 2, 2023 at the Township Hall @ 730 W. Dryden Road, Metamora, MI 48455

Polls will open @ 7 P.M and close @ 8 P.M.

Dryden Community Schools Bond Proposal

Shall Dryden Community Schools, Lapeer County, Michigan, borrow the sum of not to exceed Ten Million Seven Hundred Seventy Thousand Dollars ($10,770,000) and issue its general obligation unlimited tax bonds therefor, in one or more series, for the purpose of:

remodeling, furnishing, and refurnishing and equipping and re-equipping school buildings, including for security improvements; acquiring and installing instructional technology; and preparing, developing, and improving playgrounds, parking areas, and sites?

The following is for informational purposes only:

The estimated millage that will be levied for the proposed bonds in 2023 is 1.75 mills ($1.75 on each $1,000 of taxable valuation) for a 1.4 mills net increase over the prior year’s levy.  The maximum number of years the bonds of any series may be outstanding, exclusive of any refunding, is eighteen (18) years.  The estimated simple average annual millage anticipated to be required to retire this bond debt is 2.71 mills ($2.71 on each $1,000 of taxable valuation).

(Pursuant to State law, expenditure of bond proceeds must be audited and the proceeds cannot be used for repair or maintenance costs, teacher, administrator or employee salaries, or other operating expenses.)

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For those who are not aware, we are encouraging ALL Lapeer County residents to take the Broadband Internet Survey from YOUR HOME (or office/business in Lapeer County, if applicable).  As part of the survey, there is a “test” that will “ping” your connection and tell you what your speed is. If you have poor service, this is especially important for us to know and that’s exactly why we want you to complete the survey/test and to encourage your neighbors to do the same. 


We know having service available countywide is vital for growth and especially essential for those working from home.  Please go onto the County’s website www.lapeercountyweb.org from your home computer, tablet or cell (there is also text and paper survey options for those who absolutely cannot get enough service to do the survey/test) but we PREFER computer testing for best and most helpful results because of the ping test.  Once on our website, you can click the “Lapeer County Broadband Survey” link on the main page, or you can type in the internet address listed in the image below as well.


For those with absolutely NO INTERNET SERVICE at all, they can request a paper ballot by calling our office, or they can email me at dclark@lapeercounty.org.


I am including the DIRECT LINK from our webpage as well in this email, so that you can forward this email to your personal email address to access it once you get home:  https://www.merit.edu/Lapeercounty/


Lastly, for those who have FB accounts, this same information has been shared on the Lapeer News & Discussion public group if you wish to SHARE with your family, friends and neighbors so we can get a great turnout on the survey and test results!!!