Ways to pay your property taxes:

  1. In Person (Check, Credit Card or Cash)
  2. Metamora ChoiceOne Bank (corner of Dryden Road and M-24)
  3. Mail (Check Only) – Please write your parcel and phone number on your check
  4. On-Line:
    1. Create an account thru BS&A, Log into account and pay your taxes.
    2. Pay via Credit Card or e-Check (Fees do apply)

Want a copy of your Summer and Winter Property Tax Receipts for Income Tax Filing Purposes?

Send me (Scott Benscoter) an email ( with your address or parcel number and I will email you back copies of your receipts.  Be specific regarding the tax years you are interested in receiving.

If you have additional questions, please call (810) 678-3345.

Make Tax Payments Online!

Tax Information – Question’s? Call 810-678-3345
Treasurer’s Office
Scott Benscoter, Treasurer
Susan Wood, Deputy Treasurer

2024 Summer Taxes are payable July 1st through September 16th, 2024 without penalty or interest. After September 16th, 2024 a 1% interest penalty per month will be assessed.

Summer Tax Deferments
Summer taxes may be deferred without penalty until February 14th, 2025 for any taxpayer who is a senior citizen 62 years or older, totally and permanently disabled otherwise eligible whose below or income does not exceed $40,000.00 per year. Applications are available at the treasurer’s office and must be returned to our office no later than September 16th, 2024. Once approved your summer tax will be due by February 14, 2025.

Summer Tax Deferment Application

Poverty Tax Exemption Application

2024 Winter Taxes
Winter tax bills are payable December 1, 2024 through February 14, 2025  After February 14th, 2025 a one time 3% penalty charge will be added until February 28, 2025.  As of March 1, 2025 all real property taxes will be sent on to Lapeer County Treasurer. Personal Property taxes are still paid at the township. Township offices will be open for tax collection 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday – Thursday.

During the time of tax collection, you may make partial payments on your tax bill.

Mail your tax payments to:
Metamora Township 
Scott Benscoter, Treasurer
730 W. Dryden Road
Metamora, MI 48455

PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR PROPERTY TAX BILL STUB WITH YOUR PAYMENT.  Also, if you would like an emailed receipt please provide your email address with you tax bill stub.

Payments made in person at our offices:
Monday thru Thursday 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


TAX BILLS - Just a reminder that tax bills are sent out twice a year.  Summer bills are sent out by July 1st and Winter bills are sent out by December 1st.  If you have NOT received a bill within those first weeks that the bills are sent out, please contact the Treasurer's Office.  Failure to receive bill does not waive interest acrued.  The taxpayer is still responsible for their bill under the General Property Tax Act, Section 211.44, Sec.

44(2):  "Failure to send or receive the notice does not prejudice the right to collect or enforce the payment of the tax".

Don’t wait to report errors!

If you spot an error on your tax bill or assessment notice please let us know immediately. Once the township assessment roll is completed in March, changes can only be made by the Board of Review. The Board of Review is only required by law to meet twice a year to make corrections. These Corrections include – clerical errors and mistakes and receiving a homestead exemption. The two times a year they meet is July and December.

2024 Tax Rates Per School District

Taxes (Unofficial Numbers)

Lapeer Schools #44010 23.4096 41.4096
Dryden Schools #44050 25.5350 42.9562
Oxford Schools #63110 30.4963 47.7428

Millage rate breakdowns
2024 Summer millage rates 9.5971 All School Districts
2024 (Unofficial Numbers) Winter homestead millage rates - Lapeer 13.8125 Dryden 15.9379 Oxford 20.8992

Here is a link to the State website for a Tax Estimator.  Click Here

Note Regarding Taxes:

In Lapeer County, taxes are prorated as having been paid in advance.

What this means to you as a home or property purchaser, as a practical matter is this:  Whenever during the year you close your purchase, you will be responsible for the next tax bill.

So this means:

The Seller:  is to pay that portion of the year that they owned the property

The Purchaser:  is expected to pay for the remainder of the year.

When a tax payment is paid it clears the lean:

Summer Tax - July 1 thru June 30th of the following year

Winter Tax - December 1 thru November 30th of the following year

Questions regarding "Postmarks" when accepting tax payments:

Act 206 of 1986, Chapter 221, section 221.44b states:

"For purposes of determining the date payment of tax is received under this act, the date of a United States postal service postmark *may* be considered the date of receipt. However, a tax payment* shall not be* considered received prior to 7 calendar days before the date of actual receipt."

So - if the postmark date is February 13 and you don't get it until February 23 - it is still late because the earliest you can consider it received is 7 calendar days prior to actual receipt - so the 16th.